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Sabtu, 08 Oktober 2011


Wellcome to the mathematics zone,,,

This blog contains some information about mathematics in class for junior high school.
Gradually, the students assume that mathematics is difficult lesson. Oh...no...no...no...,
that wrong assumption,Right???

If you think that mathematics is difficult so you will feel it is difficult and more...
But start now,,throw that feeling,,,
Please start to know about mathematics,,,learn it slow down,,,start to practise,,,
and you will find anything secret about mathematics. It cannot be told to someone,,,
Just you can feel out it yourself,,,

Right now, you have read this written feeling from me,,,
and the impact is you must fall in love with mathematics,,,
not for me,,,no...no...
But i just asked to you to love "mathematics"...

If you say "I love Mathematics" every time,,every where,,,
Hmmm,,,,you will think that mathematics is easy,,,
and you will find anything usage for your daily life,,,,

Welcome to my blog,,,
and You can share anything about your trouble in math,,,
I help you,,,and you help me,,,

lovely yours....

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