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Kamis, 05 Juni 2014

Personality Psicology Test

Hey there, let's test your personality by answering these questions.
Just for fun...
Prepare your paper and your pencil first.
It's better you save this image.

Let you start . . .

Imagine you are in this situation.
One day, you were in the jungle. When you walked you saw an old small house.
(1)what do you think about the door? (Opened/Closed)

You entered to the house and you saw a table.
(2) What shape was the table? ( Circle/ Oval / Square/ Rectangle / Triangle )

There was a flower vase on the table.
(3) How much was the water? ( Full / a Half / Empty )
(4) and what kind of material of the vase? ( Glass/ Porcelain / Clay / Iron / Plastic/ Wood )

Then, You walked out from the house. You saw something like gold in the soil and then you took it. It was key chain with so many keys.
(5) In your opinion, how many was the keys? (Choose one from 1 until 10)

You continued walking. You tried to find out the way to go home but after that you saw a castle.
(6) How was the condition of the castle? ( Old / New )

You entered to the castle and then you saw a pool, the water was dirty and you saw a shiny diamond over there.
(8) Did you want to take the diamond? ( Yes / No )

Beside the pool, there was clean and fresh water. The you saw so much money over there.
(9) Did you want to take the money? ( Yes / No )

You continued walking until in the end of the castle and you saw a door. You got out from the castle.
Then you saw beautiful flower garden and a secret box.
(10) What the size of the box? ( small / medium / big )
(11) What material of the box made of? ( Paper / Wood / Iron )

It was not far from the garden you saw a bridge.
(12) What kind of material of bridge made of? ( Iron / Wood / Rottan )

Over the cross of the bridge there was a horse.
(13) What color of that horse? ( White / Grey / Brown / Black )
(14) What was it doing? ( calm/ ate the grass / running )

Oh No!! The Tornado storm is coming. It was not far from the horse.
You have three choices.
(i) Run and hide in the box?
(ii) run and hide under the bridge?
(iii) Take the horse, ride it and run with the horse?
----The End------

and NOW....
You wonder with your answer right?
This is just fun,so sometimes its really on you but it is not 100%.

Here we go...

Answer's key for Psicology Test from Edi Susanto

what do you think?
Leave your comment.
Thank you... 

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