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Senin, 16 Januari 2012


A.Definition of Sets
     Consider the illustration in the following.
Did you see the collection of animals in this face illusion?
We can see the elephant, lizard, dolphin, rabbit, kangaroo, bear,grasshoper and etc.
That collection can be defined clearly because we don't be confused to know about this collection and its elements.
Do you know the collection can be called SET?

(Source: http://willfridusherrysusanto.blogspot.com)

Now, see the figure in the following!


(Source: http://artkustiks.wordpress.com)

We can see those pictures above as collection of beautiful pictures.
Do you think that collection  can be called as set?
We can't say it is set, why?
Because, it is a relative assumption.
It is probably somebody may say "it is beautiful" but the other else say "it is not"
So, this collection is not clear.
Thus, it is not set.
How about this one, guys?


Do you know, what collection is it?
It is collection of numbers, isn't it?
Hm, this one is the collection of the whole number less than 10.
Thus,this collection is slightly clear.
So, we can say "it is set".

Set is the collection of tools/things which can be defined clearly.

Now, state these collection as a set or not set!
1. Collection of delicious foods.
2. Collection of ASEAN's countries.
3. Collection the diseases that be suffered by human.
4. Collection of vehicles.
5. Collection of difficult subjects.
6. Collection of computer hardwares.
7. Collection of  beautiful scenery.
8. Collection of planet in solar system.
9. Collection of sweet cakes.
10. Collection of beautiful actress in Indonesia.

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